Cooling Centers

Cooling Center

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Tips on how to stay cool
  •  Wear loose-fitting, lightweight clothing; drink lots of water and avoid hot foods, heavy meals and alcohol.
  • Physical activity generates body heat, so slow down and take it easy as the temperature rises
  • To avoid heat stress, try to spend as much time as you can in pleasant surroundings - a cool room in your home, an air-conditioned mall, a senior citizen center, the public library or a movie theater.
  • Fans can also provide good indoor circulation, and cool baths or showers offer excellent relief from the heat.
Tips for Pet/Animal Safety in Heat Emergency:
  •  Take pet to vet for summer check-up, check for parasites.
  •  Never leave pet alone in vehicle, even with windows open.
  •  Always carry a gallon of fresh water for pet when traveling.
  •  Limit outdoor playtime to early morning, or evening.
  •  Do not take pet out to play right after meal or in humid weather.
  •  Don't let pet stand on hot asphalt. Keep walks to a minimum.
  •  Wash salt off dogs after swimming in ocean.
  •  Bring pets indoors to cool place during heat of the day.
  •  Don't apply sunscreen or insect repellents unless labeled for animals.
  •  Don't leave unscreened windows open that pets could jump or fall through.
  •  Don't shave fur down to skin. Leave one inch for sun protection.
  •  Keep dogs with heart or lung disease, or old or overweight dogs, inside.
  •  Keep some breeds indoors, check with your veterinarian.
  •  Keep matches, lighter fluid, citronella candles, insect coils out of reach.