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    Programs that provide emotional support, problem-solving assistance, information and guidance for people who have recently lost a loved one. Included are counseling programs for widows and widowers, children who have lost a parent, parents who have lost a child and people who are in other similar situations.

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    ADULTS GRIEVING THE LOSS OF A PARENT/GRANDPARENTProvides an 8 session support group for those who have lost a parent or grandparent. Registration required. Call for information and schedule.SuffolkADULTS GRIEVING THE LOSS OF A PARENT/GRANDPARENTBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    AIDS/HIV ServicesProvides free and confidential AIDS/HIV testing and counseling, along with other support services such as mental health care and case management, for both the diagnosed individual and their family members.WestchesterGENESIS NEW YORKHUDSON RIVER HEALTHCARE
    BABYLON VET CENTERProvides psychotherapy to veterans who have experienced war related trauma. Offers emotional support, individual, group and family support, counseling for military sexual trauma and bereavement, and medical referrals.SuffolkBABYLON VET CENTERNORTHPORT VA MEDICAL CENTER
    BEREAVEMENT CAMPSThe nation's largest independent bereavement camp for any child who has experienced the loss of a parent, sibling or primary caregiver, regardless of when the death occurred. Comfort Zone has scheduled separate camps in New York and in New Jersey exclusively for children who lost a loved one in the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. In 2005 the camp was opened to serve all grieving children in addition to those whose loss was due to September 11th. Funds are available to help with transportation and camper supplies.BEREAVEMENT CAMPSCOMFORT ZONE CAMP-NEW JERSEY REGIONAL OFFICE
    BEREAVEMENT GROUPSOffers a bereavement group for persons who have lost a loved one. Led by a certified professional grief therapist. Bereavement services may include weekly individual and group counseling sessions, special groups sessions for children. Training for grief and bereavement therapy for counselors, educators, therapists and other health care professionals. Bereavement care programs are offered to church groups, schools and civic organizations. Call for support group times and dates and further information.SuffolkBEREAVEMENT GROUPSEAST END HOSPICE, INC.
    BEREAVEMENT GROUPSProvides a ten week support group for individuals who have experienced the loss of a loved one.NassauBEREAVEMENT GROUPSFRIEDBERG JCC
    Bereavement ServicesOffers bereavement counseling for families and friends who have lost a loved one due to AIDS/HIV.WestchesterAIDS/HIV-RELATED BEREAVEMENT SERVICESFAMILY SERVICES OF WESTCHESTER
    Bereavement ServicesOffers individual bereavement counseling for children, teens and adults.WestchesterBEREAVEMENT COUNSELING AND SUPPORTBEREAVEMENT CENTER OF WESTCHESTER
    Bereavement ServicesProvides bereavement counseling and support groups, individual counseling for families whose loved one has died in the hospice program and group counseling is open to the community. Workshops are also offered which help individuals deal with the loss of a loved one (partner loss, coping with loss during holidays, perinatal or child loss, etc.). All groups are professionally facilitated and offered free of charge.WestchesterBEREAVEMENT COUNSELING AND SUPPORTHOSPICE CARE IN WESTCHESTER AND PUTNAM
    Bereavement ServicesWestchester residents (adult and children) diagnosed with any terminal illness and must meet Medicare guidelines for Hospice Care.WestchesterBEREAVEMENT COUNSELING AND SUPPORTHOSPICE OF WESTCHESTER
    Bereavement ServicesOffers individual counseling and support groups for family and friends who have lost their loved ones to cancer within the last year.New YorkBEREAVEMENT COUNSELING AND SUPPORT GROUPCANCER CARE
    Bereavement ServicesOffers support, information and social activities for the bereaved, including professionally led support groups for bereaved parents and children and the newly bereaved. Concurrent group for bereaved parents of school age children and the bereaved children. Call for an intake appointment.WestchesterBEREAVEMENT PROGRAMWESTCHESTER JEWISH COMMUNITY SERVICES (WJCS)
    Bereavement ServicesOffers bereavement counseling and a support group for anyone who have lost a loved one.WestchesterBEREAVEMENT SUPPORTMONTEFIORE NEW ROCHELLE HOSPITAL
    Bereavement ServicesOffers a support group for those who have lost a loved one, by death, divorce, or other means.DutchessBEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUPCENTER FOR GRIEF, LOSS AND LIFE TRANSITION
    Bereavement ServicesProvides grief support to children and families who have experienced the death of a family member or friend from accident, illness, suicide, or murder. Trained professionals and volunteers lead activities designed to help the grieving process of children ages 4 to18 years.OrangeCHILDREN'S GRIEVING CENTERHOSPICE OF ORANGE & SULLIVAN COUNTIES
    Bereavement ServicesSingle and group counseling services for those dealing with the loss of a loved one, in home or office setting.AlbanyHAVEN OF SCHENECTADYJEWISH FAMILY SERVICES OF NORTHEASTERN NEW YORK
    Bereavement ServicesOffers an array of counseling and support for individuals and their families dealing with end-of-life issues, terminal illness, chronic illness, bereavement support groups, and on-site grief counseling.WestchesterPATHWAYS TO CARE AND PARTNERS IN CARINGWESTCHESTER JEWISH COMMUNITY SERVICES (WJCS)
    Bereavement ServicesProvides bereavment counseling to parents who have lost their unborn child.WestchesterPERINATAL BEREAVEMENT SUPPORTNEWYORK-PRESBYTERIAN/HUDSON VALLEY HOSPITAL
    Bereavement ServicesProgram offers specially trained counselors, clinical social workers and volunteers who have a unique expertise in all aspects of bereavement. Individuals can participate in support groups, crisis intervention/bereavement program or individual support sessionsRocklandUHR'S HOPE & HEALING PROGRAM AT THE PROVIDENT BANK HOPE & HEALING CENTERUNITED HOSPICE OF ROCKLAND
    Bereavement ServicesHelps siblings build understanding and skills to cope with their brother’s or sister's illness or impending death through one-on-one supportWestchesterSIBLING SUPPORT PROGRAMFRIENDS OF KAREN
    BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUPProvides individuals who are experiencing the loss of a loved one with information about the grieving process, coping strategies, support and opportunities to discuss their feelings and common issues. Call for additional information and schedule.NassauBEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP1 IN 9: THE LONG ISLAND BREAST CANCER ACTION COALITION
    BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUPProvides support for spouses and adult children who have experienced the death of a loved-one within the past year. Meets in eight-week sessions, three times a year, at the Women's Center, Huntington Hospital.SuffolkBEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUPHUNTINGTON HOSPITAL
    BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUPProvides support for spouses and adult children who have experienced the death of a loved one within the past year. Meets consecutive Tuesday's for eight weeks. Two sessions held annually(March 3 and September 29)SuffolkBEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUPNORTHWELL HEALTH
    CAMP HOPEOffers an annual day long bereavement camp for children and their families. Events and free time led by qualified social workers and trained volunteers. Call for further information.SuffolkCAMP HOPEBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    CANCER SUPPORT SERVICESOffers a variety of support services including inpatient/outpatient social services, psychosocial counseling, dietary counseling/support, pastoral services, hospice referral/care, bereavement counseling, cancer education programs, telephone referral/consultation services and numerous support groups.SuffolkCANCER SUPPORT SERVICESHUNTINGTON HOSPITAL
    CHILDREN'S OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAMOffers mental health services for children/adults and their families from birth through 24 years of age, in trouble, or causing trouble. Services include evaluation, treatment plans, therapy, and medication management. Populations served include victims of child abuse and their families, those struggling with bereavement, and trauma issues.NassauCHILDREN'S OUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH PROGRAMNORTH SHORE CHILD AND FAMILY GUIDANCE CENTER
    COMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICESOffers community education and support groups including programs for mental health and substance abuse , smoking withdrawal , bereavement, and several groups for those living with cancer. Also provides health education speakers for numerous senior centers, schools, and community organizations.NassauCOMMUNITY HEALTH SERVICESMERCY MEDICAL CENTER
    COMPREHENSIVE COMMUNITY HOSPICE PROGRAMProvides a hospice program for the terminally ill which provides treatment at home or at a nursing facility through pain control, symptom management, and emotional and spiritual support. Services include skilled nursing, physician services, nutritional services, therapy services, spiritual counseling, inpatient respite, short-term inpatient care, medical equipment and medications, bereavement counseling, home health aides and on call services 24 hours per day.NassauCOMPREHENSIVE COMMUNITY HOSPICE PROGRAMPARKER JEWISH INSTITUTE FOR HEALTH CARE AND REHABILITATION
    COUNSELING AND MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONS CLINICAssist individuals, couples, and families as they explore and solve problems in a confidential, safe environment. It is their mission to provide high-quality, affordable services to the community in a warm, safe, and professional environment. The CMHP Clinic is comprised of multiple programs in Counseling: Mental Health Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Rehabilitation Counseling, and Creative Arts Therapy. The CMHP Clinic provides the following services to residents of Long Island and the surrounding areas: Individual, couple and family therapy; Community education seminars; Group therapy to individuals, couples and families and Speakers for schools, hospitals and agencies. All clinical services are provided under direct supervision of an approved supervisor and experienced faculty. Call for more detailed information.NassauCOUNSELING AND MENTAL HEALTH PROFESSIONS CLINICHOFSTRA UNIVERSITY-JOAN AND ARNOLD SALTZMAN COMMUNITY SERVICES CENTER
    Counseling ServicesOffers various modes of counseling for individuals, couples families, youth, etc on various life situations.WestchesterCOUNSELING SERVICESFAMILY SERVICES OF WESTCHESTER
    Counseling ServicesProfessional counseling working with adults, adolescents and children with personal and interpersonal problems. Not religious counseling, but when requested, can help people bring together psychological understanding and spiritual awareness.OrangeCOUNSELING SERVICESPASTORAL COUNSELING CENTER
    Counseling ServicesOffers a variety of counseling services including individual, family, marriage, bereavement, pastoral and child/adolescent counseling.WestchesterCOUNSELING SERVICESCOUNSELING CENTER
    Counseling ServicesProvides counseling to children, adolescents, and adults who need help coping with issues of daily living, marital issues, bereavement, work, or tragic situations. Also offers therapy for those individuals and their families struggling with specific learning or behavioral disorders.WestchesterCOUNSELING SERVICESRDC CENTER FOR COUNSELING AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT
    Counseling ServicesProvides counseling which centers on the family, such as parent-child problems, blended family remarriage, adoption, foster care, bereavement, and multi-generational issues. Also offers counseling for youth who may be struggling with issues pertaining to their age and peers.WestchesterFAMILY THERAPYIONA MARRIAGE AND FAMILY THERAPY CENTER
    Counseling ServicesTwo to three-part bereavement series. Evening follows a specific theme. Consists of prayer, a presentation, small group sharing, refreshments and fellowship. AlbanyFROM GRIEF TO GRACEST. PIUS X PASTORAL CARE
    Counseling ServicesProvides counseling for various issues, including career counseling, through individual, family and group methods.WestchesterGENERAL COUNSELINGFOUNDATION FOR RELIGION AND MENTAL HEALTH
    Counseling ServicesA certified bereavement counselor provides counselling to community members on an as-needed basis. DutchessGRIEF COUNSELING AND HOSPICE BEREAVEMENTPAWLING RESOURCE CENTER
    Counseling ServicesHaven provides grief, loss and life transition counseling services to adults and children.AlbanyHAVEN GRIEF COUNSELINGJEWISH FAMILY SERVICES OF NORTHEASTERN NEW YORK
    Counseling ServicesProvides individual and group bereavement counseling, child abuse counseling, crisis intervention to people experiencing stressful situations such as death of a family member, separation or divorce, severe accident or illness, surgery, rape, child abuse, loss of job or home.WestchesterSITUATIONAL CRISIS INTERVENTION PROGRAMJULIA DYCKMAN ANDRUS MEMORIAL CHILDREN'S CENTER
    EQUINE ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPYOffers individual, family and group therapy. Groups focus on the following issues: Grief, trauma, abuse, eating disorders, substance abuse, addiction and codependency. At-risk youth, women's empowerment and veterans and their families are among these groups. EAP affords clients the opportunity to gain knowledge about their negative behaviors while providing them with an emotionally safe environment for them to develop positive alternatives. Call for more information.SuffolkEQUINE ASSISTED PSYCHOTHERAPY (EAP) PROGRAMPAL-O-MINE EQUESTRIAN, INC.
    FAMILY AND CHILDREN'S CENTEROffers ongoing support groups and individual counseling for parents and children in the following areas: developmental milestones, physical and mental development of infants, cognitive, social and emotional development, language development, temperament and personality power struggles and discipline, negativism, sibling rivalry, individuality, toilet training, divorce, bereavement, hyperactivity (ADHD) and oppositional defiant behavior.SuffolkFAMILY AND CHILDREN'S CENTERHOPE HOUSE MINISTRIES
    GENERAL BEREAVEMENT SUPPORTFor widows, widowers, or those who have lost parents, relatives or significant others. Meets at the Home Care Conference Room in the Swezey Pavilion. Call for information.SuffolkGENERAL BEREAVEMENT SUPPORTBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    GROUP COUNSELING-SYOSSETOffers group counseling to all cancer patients, relatives and spouses of patients. Special groups for lung patients and caregivers. Various groups offered at other times; call or check web for more information. Group counseling is offered at CancerCare's office in Syosset.NassauGROUP COUNSELING-SYOSSETCANCERCARE LONG ISLAND OFFICE
    H. E. A. L.Provides support and guidance for bereaved adults through weekly evening discussion groups. Geared to adults who are coping with a loss of another adult, either the death of a family member, friend or parent. Not designed for those suffering loss of a child or adolescent sibling. Staffed by trained volunteers. Sponsored by and meeting held at Saint Thomas of Canterbury Church. Meets every Tuesday at 7:30pm. Call for more information.SuffolkH. E. A. L.ST. THOMAS OF CANTERBURY CHURCH
    HOPE AND HEALING CENTERProvides assessment and age appropriate support group placement for children and young adults and for adults experiencing grief and loss. Also offers crisis intervention and counseling. Bereavement services available to the community. Call for an appointment. Alternate location: Suffolk Family Bereavement Center, 14 Shore Lane, Bay Shore.NassauHOPE AND HEALING CENTERNORTHWELL HEALTH - HOSPICE CARE NETWORK-WOODBURY
    Hospice CareA certified agency providing hospice and support for families through the death, including bereavement counseling.ClintonHOSPICE CAREHOSPICE OF THE NORTH COUNTRY
    HOSPICE HOME PROGRAMProvides individualized plan of care for terminally ill patients and their families. Coordinated team of health professionals and volunteers include registered nurses, home health aides, medical social workers and physical, clinical dietician, occupational and speech therapists. Offers symptom control and pain management, acupuncture, pastoral care, respite care and bereavement counseling.SuffolkHOSPICE HOME PROGRAMVISITING NURSE SERVICE AND HOSPICE OF SUFFOLK, INC.
    INDIVIDUAL COUNSELINGProvides short term, goal focused individual counseling for patient and family members enabling them to cope with the illness. Offers bereavement counseling for survivors to enable them to cope with the loss.NassauINDIVIDUAL COUNSELINGCANCERCARE LONG ISLAND OFFICE
    JUST US-TEEN BEREAVEMENTGROUPProvides Bereavement Support Group for children ages 13 years and older. Registration is required. Meets for 8 sessions Tuesday evenings. Call for more information/schedule.SuffolkJUST US-TEEN BEREAVEMENT GROUPBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    LITTLE STARS-CHILDREN'S BEREAVEMENT GROUPProvides a bereavement support group for children ages 4-12 years old. Meets for eight sessions. Registration is required. Call for information/schedule.SuffolkLITTLE STARS-CHILDREN'S BEREAVEMENT GROUPBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    LOSS OF A CHILD FOR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS SUPPORT GROUPOffers a Bereavement Support Group for Parents/Grandparents who have lost a child. Registration is required. Call for information/schedule.SuffolkLOSS OF A CHILD FOR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS SUPPORT GROUPBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    Mental Health ServicesProvides outpatient clinics for individuals diagnosed with mental or emotional disorders, phobias, depression, marriage counseling, etc.WestchesterOUTPATIENT BEHAVIORAL HEALTHPHELPS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL CENTER
    Mental Health ServicesProvides comprehensive outpatient mental health services for children, adolescents, adults and the elderly. Programs include affective disorders, depression, bipolar, psychotic disorders, anxiety, post-traumatic stress disorder, bereavement counseling, family therapy, and stress reduction, attention disorders, divorce, deaf and hard of hearing issues, obsessive-compulsive disorders, parenting support, and personality disordersWestchesterOUTPATIENT MENTAL HEALTH SERVICESNEW YORK PRESBYTERIAN HOSPITAL, WESTCHESTER DIVISION
    Mental Health ServicesCounseling and Crisis Intervention Services include individual therapy for adults, adolescents and children, family therapy, couples therapy, group therapy, and consultations for clergy and congregations.WashingtonPSYCHOTHERAPYADIRONDACK SAMARITAN COUNSELING CENTER
    Mental Health ServicesProvides mental health readjustment counseling to veterans who served in combat zones.AlbanyVET CENTERNEW YORK STATE DIVISION OF VETERANS AFFAIRS
    NASSAU COUNTY VETERANS CENTERProvides trauma psychotherapy and bereavement counseling to family members.NassauNASSAU COUNTY VETERANS CENTERUNITED STATES DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS AFFAIRS
    NASSAU VET CENTERProvides psychotherapy to veterans who have experienced war related trauma. Offers emotional support, individual, group and family support, counseling for military sexual trauma and bereavement, and medical referrals.NassauNASSAU VET CENTERNORTHPORT VA MEDICAL CENTER
    NORTH BABYLON COMMUNITY YOUTH SERVICESProvides individual and family counseling services to Town of Babylon residents. Referrals come from school social workers, guidance counselors and other town workers. Offers a runaway program for kids and teens (Project Safe), crisis counseling for families, bereavement counseling and educational programs are offered in the schools.SuffolkNORTH BABYLON COMMUNITY YOUTH SERVICESNORTH BABYLON COMMUNITY YOUTH SERVICES
    OUR LADY OF PEACE PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRYProvides the following services: advocacy, information and referral, food pantry, limited emergency funds, bus tokens for transportation, employment programs, and companionship. Also offers bereavement counseling.OUR LADY OF PEACE PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRYOUR LADY OF PEACE CHURCH
    Parent/Family Support ServicesThe Bryon Center for Loss and Healing provides bereavement counseling for children dealing with a loss. AlbanyBYRON CENTER FOR LOSS AND HEALINGSAINT CATHERINE'S CENTER FOR CHILDREN
    PARISH OUTREACHAs a Parish Outreach Center, provides a variety of concrete services, such as food, clothing, limited financial aid or holiday assistance, to community members living within parish boundaries. Check with parish coordinator for details. Also offers telephone outreach, spiritual assistance and bereavement counseling.NassauPARISH OUTREACHOUR LADY OF LOURDES CHURCH
    PARISH OUTREACHProvides following services for people living within boundaries of the parish: advocacy information and referral food pantry volunteer driving funds for transportation to DSS referrals for clothing and furniture through the St. Vincent de Paul Society thrift shop and various support groups (bereavement, moms and tots, caregivers).NassauPARISH OUTREACHST. WILLIAM THE ABBOT R.C. CHURCH
    PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRIESProvides limited emergency food (no perishables) and referrals to emergency shelters (cost is shared with other agencies if necessary). Also provides financial assistance to the immediate parish families only when needed. Offers Bereavement Programs or referrals to programs (suicide, death of children, widow, widowers, miscarriage and stillbirths) one on one Employment Network and various other services. Call for additional information.SuffolkPARISH SOCIAL MINISTRIESOUR LADY QUEEN OF MARTYRS
    PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRIESProvides information and referral, emergency food pantry, financial assistance, informal counseling, transportation, clothing, AIDS ministry, employment referrals, Rainbows for All God's Children, advocacy, crisis intervention, and substance abuse counseling.SuffolkPARISH SOCIAL MINISTRIESST. MARY'S ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OF EAST ISLIP
    PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRYProvides a variety of emergency services for food, clothing, financial assistance, shelter, and job information. Other services are Bereavement Support Groups Divorce/Separation Support Group Home Visits, chores, and phone visits to homebound Lend-A-Helping Hand for women with breast cancer Lending services of medical items (i.e. wheelchairs, walkers, etc.) Meals on Wheels Senior Citizen Services information Thanksgiving Ministry Thrift Store Transportation to and from medical appointments and personal needs (a van with a lift is also available). Bagels and Bingo is a monthly program to bring homebound seniors out to the Parish Center in cooperation with the Rosemary Kennedy BOCES School. Call Ministry's coordinator for further information regarding all services.NassauPARISH SOCIAL MINISTRYST. FRANCES DE CHANTAL ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
    PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRYOffers a thrift shop, food pantry, job bank, advocacy, case management and information and referral. Call for more information.NassauPARISH SOCIAL MINISTRYST. PETER OF ALCANTARA ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
    PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRY-OUTREACHAs a Parish Outreach Center, provides a variety of concrete emergency services, such as bereavement support group for loss of a child, food pantry, home delivered meals, clothing, limited financial assistance, holiday baskets and gifts, transportation, shopping, budgeting, employment advocacy, and basic needs for living, ie furniture to community members living within parish boundaries. Check with parish coordinator for details.SuffolkPARISH SOCIAL MINISTRY-OUTREACHST. THOMAS MORE ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
    PASTORAL CAREProvides patients, families, and staff with pastoral care. Offers assistance including: praying for the patient and family, listening and facilitating support groups for caregivers.SuffolkPASTORAL CAREGOOD SAMARITAN HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    PORT JEFFERSON IN-PATIENT CENTERProvides 16 bed unit to care for individuals and families facing the final stages of terminal illness. Services include: medical and nursing management of physical symptoms, counseling services of a medical social worker, bereavement and pastoral care coordinator, Home Health Aide Services, dietary consultation, physical, occupational, speech and respiratory therapy, medical supplies, equipment and laboratory services, prescription drugs for pain and symptom control, short-term in-patient admission for symptom management and respite, and bereavement support groups.SuffolkPORT JEFFERSON IN-PATIENT CENTERGOOD SHEPHERD HOSPICE
    SACRED HEART PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRYProvides a variety of concrete emergency services, such as food, clothing, limited financial aid or holiday assistance, to community members living within parish boundaries. Also provides bereavement support, consolation ministry, homebound assistance, and Hospital/Nursing Home visitations. Check with parish coordinator for details.NassauSACRED HEART PARISH SOCIAL MINISTRYROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH OF THE SACRED HEART
    SICD RESOURCE CENTERHelps families and communities affected by the sudden and unexpected death of an infant or young child. Provides information support and guidance to bereaved families including referral to other services. Offers educational programs for professionals and community based organizations to help reduce the risk of SIDS, best practices for safe sleep, infant safety, and measures to meet needs of bereaved parents.SuffolkSICD RESOURCE CENTERSUDDEN INFANT AND CHILD DEATH RESOURCE CENTER
    ST. ANTHONY'S PARISH OUTREACHOffers bereavement program for those who have lost a spouse, parent or adult sibling, meals on wheels and a thrift shop. Call for additional information.SuffolkST. ANTHONY'S PARISH OUTREACHST. ANTHONY OF PADUA ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH
    SUICIDE AND OVERDOSE BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP-RIVERHEADOffers support groups for children and adults grieving the loss of a family member or loved one to suicide or overdose, community workshops on suicide prevention, substance abuse awareness, social media safety, stress management, and grieving during the holidays. Also offers a peer leadership program : Warriors of Hope that bring high school students together to be trained as peer education in suicide prevention and addiction prevention. Motivational speakers in schools focusing on resilience and empowering student voice.SuffolkSUICIDE AND OVERDOSE BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP-RIVERHEADTHE NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE
    SUICIDE AND OVERDOSE BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP-SAYVILLEOffers support groups for children and adults grieving the loss of a family member or loved one to suicide or overdose, community workshops on suicide prevention, substance abuse awareness, social media safety, stress management, and grieving during the holidays. Also offers a peer leadership program: Warriors of Hope that bring high school students together to be trained as peer education in suicide prevention and addiction prevention. Motivational speakers in schools focusing on resilience and empowering student voice.SuffolkSUICIDE AND OVERDOSE BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUP-SAYVILLETHE NEIGHBORHOOD HOUSE
    SUPPORT AND EDUCATION FOR PARENTS/CAREGIVERS OF BEREAVED CHILDRENProvides support group and education to parents/caregivers of bereaved children. Eight sessions offered. Registration required. Call for information and schedule.SuffolkSUPPORT AND EDUCATION FOR PARENTS/CAREGIVERS OF BEREAVED CHILDRENBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    SUPPORT GROUPSConducts 10 week support groups for recently divorced/separated persons, single parent, teens of divorced/separated families, caretakers of the ill or elderly. New parents, bereaved persons. Separate bereavement groups address loss of spouse, loss of parent (for teens), loss of parent (for adults) and loss of grandparent. Dates vary. Call for details or to join.NassauSUPPORT GROUPSMID-ISLAND Y-JCC
    Support Group ServicesA children's bereavement program which helps children to overcome grief and depression resulting from the loss of a parent, sibling or grandparent. The program is offered at the First Presbyterian Church in Yorktown, Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church in Yonkers, and the Sound Shore Medical Center in New Rochelle. Pizza and soda are brought for the children and their families.WestchesterCARING CIRCLEHOSPICE CARE IN WESTCHESTER AND PUTNAM
    Support Group ServicesProvides support for parents who have experienced the loss of a baby during pregnancy, at birth, or shortly after birth.WestchesterPERINATAL BEREAVEMENT SUPPORT GROUPHOSPICE CARE IN WESTCHESTER AND PUTNAM
    Support ServicesHudson Valley Cancer Resource Center's website is a navigational tool for patients to locate national, regional and local services in the following areas: Support Groups, Caregivers, Bereavement, Palliative Care, Hospice, Retreats (for Families, Women and Men), Camps, Legacy Trips, and Scholarships.OrangeCANCER SUPPORT SERVICESHUDSON VALLEY CANCER RESOURCE CENTER
    Support ServicesProvides hospice and palliative care for individuals with a serious illness. Also offers counseling, support groups, and individual bereavement services for family and friends. Serves patients in Westchester and Putnam in their home, hospital or nursing home.WestchesterIN-HOME HOSPICE CAREVISITING NURSE ASSOCIATION (VNA) OF HUDSON VALLEY
    SURVIVORS OF SUICIDEOffers bereavement support for those persons who have lost a loved one through suicide. Registration required. Call for information.SuffolkSURVIVORS OF SUICIDEBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER
    THERAPEUTIC BEREAVEMENT PROGRAMOffers professional bereavement therapy to deal with loss, grief and mourning and self-help peer groups for additional support. Support groups for widows, young widows, teens or children are formed based on community needs and demand.SuffolkTHERAPEUTIC BEREAVEMENT PROGRAMVISITING NURSE SERVICE AND HOSPICE OF SUFFOLK, INC.
    YOUNG WIDOW AND WIDOWERS SUPPORT GROUPProvides a support group for young widows and widowers. Registration is required for the eight sessions. Call for information/schedule.SuffolkYOUNG WIDOW AND WIDOWERS SUPPORT GROUPBROOKHAVEN MEMORIAL HOSPITAL MEDICAL CENTER

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